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Nurul Islam nurul at apnic.net
Sat Nov 16 21:38:20 BDT 2013

Dear bdNOG Community,

Among all NOG around the world (I.e. NANOG, AusNOG, JNOG etc) the functionality of the NOG mailing-list are measured by the volume of e-mail traffic and the number of subscribers. Compared to other NOG mailing-list bdNOG is very young and traffic is insignificant. By looking at the very first post and the e-mail interactions it looks very enthusiastic and useful. Specially to share Internet related technical issues in Bangladesh context. So please keep up the good spirit.

Our current mailing-list is populated by online subscription, bdNOG membership request, EOI for EC/PC and some social media interaction. So the list subscribers who would like to manage their everyday e-mail queue according to their own choice and preference please choose one of the following option.

1. Do nothing. If you prefer to receive individual e-mail thread posted to the mailing-list.
2. Enable daily digest. If you prefer to receive only a digest mail every day for all post
3. Remove from the mailing list. If you think you do not belong to this group.

Please choose your option and action it from the list management portal. Or send an e-mail to info at bdnog.org by adding your option on the e-mail subject.

Our mailing-list is run by a charter published on bdNOG web site. Here is the URL:


Any personal comments or advise on a post can be delivered to the sender off-list. I.e reply to the sender only [no cc to the mailing-list]. So the list discussion can always be kept on context.

Best of luck and keep posting. :)


bdNOG Chair

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