[bdNOG] Call Center Voice quality improve in public internet and call center security

Suvra Dev Kar eng.suvra at gmail.com
Mon Nov 18 00:40:31 BDT 2013

Dear BD  nog Team member,

I  am suvro  from Hello world communications ltd.  we  are
international call center, we  are  using  voice  termination  through
 public internet, maximum time we  face  voice quality issue. Now  can
 you tel me  any one  how  i  can get  good  voice  quality  from
public  internet. we  are  not  using  IPLC  coz  its costly. and tel
me for  call center and  voice termination  which  firewall  device
or  software i can  use.

Best Regards
Suvro Dev
Hello world communications Ltd
cell- +8801745724242.

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