[bdNOG] Automatic update of Next Hops in Routing Policies for Internet bound traffic in interior routers.

Muhammad Moinur Rahman 5u623l20 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 21 18:55:59 BDT 2013

Use PBR(POLICY BASED ROUTING). But check whether if your device supports
PBR. In many of the Cisco devices and related IOS you will find the
commands executing successfully but it's not working due to it's hardware
limitations. Additionally please keep in mind that this task is CPU
intensive. :(

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> Hello everyone,
> Please view this email in plain text with mono-spaced fonts because it has
> a text based diagram.
> Please take a look at it. Generally, Policy Routing is done in
> Distribution Routers (DR) to send
> Internet bound traffic from a specific prefix to appropriate Border Router
> (BR) so that upward and
> downward traffic uses the same upstream SP. When prefixes are moved from
> one BR to another BR due to
> business requirements, Network Admin needs to manually update Next Hop
> information in Policy Routing
> configurations in all DRs. If the number of prefixes and/or the number of
> DRs increases, this
> becomes cumbersome. Is there any way (vendor specific and/or vendor
> independent) to automate these
> updates?
>\       <OSPF>
>          |
>                                   |   ---(BR1)->  <eBGP Adv.
> to upstream A>
>\          |  /
>[SW]----(BR2)->  <eBGP Adv. upstream B>
>          |  \
>                                   |   ---(BR3)->  <eBGP Adv.
> to upstream C>
>\          |
> (DR)=Distribution Router, (BR)=Border Router, [SW]=Switch.
> With thanks and best regards,
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