[bdNOG] Automatic update of Next Hops in Routing Policies for Internet bound traffic in interior routers.

Nurul Islam Roman nurul at apnic.net
Thu Nov 21 20:00:13 BDT 2013

>From SP point of view if you build your infrastructure on R&S only, yes
PBR is the only friend. But in large enterprise/up to some extent SP also,
now a days build another layer to on top of their R&S infrastructure to
facilitate these type of requirement. Layer 4/7 based load balancer, F5,
A10 etc etc. By the term load balancer it sound different then the thread
context but it does more then name. These layers are heavily vendor
specific. Huge capex. SPs in Singapore, Australia, Japan and others are
using these type of vendor specific equipments to build their OSS layer on
top of R&S. 



On 21/11/13 11:07 PM, "Fakrul Alam" <fakrul at bdhub.com> wrote:

>Dear Aniruddha Da,
>For this sorts of solution, to my opinion PBR is the only option. But in
>transit we usually have full BGP route (IPv4/IPv6) and use the BGP best
>route. Some time we do traffic engineering based on destination
>Fakrul Alam
>bdHUB Limited
>On 11/21/13, 6:47 PM, Aniruddha Barua wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> Please view this email in plain text with mono-spaced fonts because it
>>has a text based diagram.
>> Please take a look at it. Generally, Policy Routing is done in
>>Distribution Routers (DR) to send
>> Internet bound traffic from a specific prefix to appropriate Border
>>Router (BR) so that upward and
>> downward traffic uses the same upstream SP. When prefixes are moved
>>from one BR to another BR due to
>> business requirements, Network Admin needs to manually update Next Hop
>>information in Policy Routing
>> configurations in all DRs. If the number of prefixes and/or the number
>>of DRs increases, this
>> becomes cumbersome. Is there any way (vendor specific and/or vendor
>>independent) to automate these
>> updates?
>>\       <OSPF>
>>          |
>>                                   |   ---(BR1)->  <eBGP Adv.
>> to upstream A>
>>\          |  /
>>[SW]----(BR2)->  <eBGP Adv.
>> to upstream B>
>>          |  \
>>                                   |   ---(BR3)->  <eBGP Adv.
>> to upstream C>
>>\          |
>> (DR)=Distribution Router, (BR)=Border Router, [SW]=Switch.
>> With thanks and best regards,
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