[bdNOG] BGP configuration issue in Caching Solution System

Mirza Rakib mmrakib at gmail.com
Thu Nov 21 21:41:40 BDT 2013

Hi Team,

 I am facing an issue to configure internal BGP (iBGP) where a L3 switch
exist in between Router and another Caching Solution Server. The
architecture like:

*Router-A(BGP, AS45245)----L3 Switch(3 different VALNs: VLAN10, VLAN20 and
VLAN30)-------BGP Caching Control Server( AS45245, VLAN10) *

BGP formed but there is routing issue. We can reach *Router-A* to all
Servers in differnet VLANs and  vice versa but cannot reach outside and
also from outside to servers are not reachable. We are getting some sites
IP in *BGP Caching Control Server bgp* table. However we not reacing there,
we got loop or stack at L3 switch, whenever we trace.

Mirza Rakib
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