[bdNOG] BIG FAT Pipe with INDIA - or - GOOD Transit Providers - or - Something else

Fakrul Alam fakrul at bdhub.com
Sat Nov 23 00:52:01 BDT 2013

This been tricky. There are two aspects; financial & technical.
Technically it's been great to have big names like PCCW, HGC, HKIX,
Telstra, NTT, AT&T; but you need to find out whether it's been feasible
financially when:

1. You have 30++ IIG in the market.
2. BSCCL half circuit price is roughly 80% of your total b/w cost for SMW4.
3. 10% revenue share with BTRC.
4. Competitive market where price win in all aspect.
5. ITC holding IIG license (I know there will be lot of arguments)



On 11/22/13, 9:17 PM, Simon Sohel Baroi / IIG-ITC / Sr.Manager /
01678618243 / wrote:
> Dear All,
> I think so many topic is going on. I want to add another one. This is
> really important as all of us want to have a good internet in Bangladesh.
> Before the ITC Connectivity comes to Bangladesh. We found MANGO and BTCL
> connected with different Tire-1 IP Transit Providers.
> But the number were limited to TIS, Bharti, Singtel, TM. As the price was
> really high, then people couldn't tell anything about the transit provider.
> I found MANGO sometimes added some new name in their list. But BTCL didn't,
> as expected. Now the new player, BSCCL is connected only with TIS.
> When ITC comes, the scenario become worst. The internet cost reduced 82%
> and all of us get connected with TATA and Bharti.
> As the big borthers wont allow the ITC provider to go with IPLC and go to
> other providers. The price is binded with their IP Transit. Some kind of
> IPLC kinle IPTransit FREE.
> All of us Bharti and TATA - with big big pipe. When a client ping from the
> laptop, they have to pass atleast one of them.
> *Don't you think, we are missing some good things ? ( Big names like PCCW,
> HGC, HKIX, Telstra, NTT, AT&T etc ) *
> *Don't you think, we are giving client a very bad internet experience ?*
> *OR*
> *Getting Google within 70ms is more than enough for the client.*
> What do you think - BIG FAT Pipe with INDIA  - or -  GOOD Transit Providers
> - or - Something else. ?
> - with regards
> *( Apu da and Amin vai, please don't get me wrong as I have used MANGO's
> name without your permission )*
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