[bdNOG] FW: IX and Local Peering

Philip Smith pfsinoz at gmail.com
Mon Nov 25 11:51:49 BDT 2013

Hi everyone,

Just to contribute my thoughts, for what they are worth... :-)

Md. Mahbubul Alam Reyad said the following on 24/11/13 17:41 :
> Thanks for concerning on the local content enriching and to change to
> subject.


> I think we need to focus on the followings:
> 1.       To fix out the current issues (ODF scope, Available Gig-ports,
> Flexible Prefix announcement, security mechanism in IX peer etc.) in
> BDIX so that the non-connected ISP/BWA/Telco/Others get interested to
> connect.

Yep, this is a priority. Certainly when BDIX started (I was around at
the time ;-)), there was no restriction on who could join. I assume
there is still no restriction today, right?

As with most neutral IXes, as long as you have an ASN, and abide by
simple decent good behaviour rules, joining the IX is the best thing a
network operator can do. It is certainly much cheaper than paying
transit prices for domestic traffic - you only pay towards the
infrastructure of the IX, there are no traffic charges. So local
bandwidth for local traffic becomes limited by the physical capacity to
the IX, not by a bank balance.

And note: network operator. IXes are not limited to commercial ISPs, but
also connect other folks, whether academic, government, multinationals,
content providers, etc.

If there are network operators who aren't members, perhaps they haven't
done the simple arithmetic? Or don't realise that end-users care about
round trip times or QoS. All these things are vastly improved by
connecting to an IX.

> 2.       To workout for NIX development. (don’t know whether the license
> are issued yet or not)

I don't know anything about this (maybe someone can tell me more
off-line), but why introduce another IX when there is already one which
from my external view seems to be serving the purpose?

> 3.       To increase awareness among the Banks, Corporate house, SOHO,
> individuals to keep their web/mail/applications contents locally.
> Because I believe now in Bangladesh there are some standard data centers
> / ISPs who can ensure power, space, internet, content security.

Yup, datacentre opportunity!! It doesn't have to be at the Equinix
scale, of course, but even a small secure room with a few racks and
reliable power/access would go a long way to encourage more folks to
host stuff locally. More local hosting, the bigger the opportunities,
generating more content, resulting in a need for more local hosting.
With the reduction in dependency on the external links, it improves the
network for all. etc. :-)


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