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Dear Colleagues,

Sorry for any cross posting.

The following mail has been forwarded by ISOC Nepal Chapter. They are
raising funds to help the affected people in different ways. If you are
interested, please consider responding to the call and forward the message
to other communities you are involved.

Md. Abdul Awal
ISOC-BD Dhaka Chapter

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Dear fellows and colleagues,

This is an unfortunate sharing that Nepal is badly hit by a devastating
tremor (7.9 Richter Scale) that occurred on 25 April 2015 (Saturday). The
aftershock tremors are still going on. Another tremor hit the nation with
magnitude of 6.7 Richter scale on Mid-Day of 26th April. Since after the
first one, there were at least 70 plus aftershock tremors of magnitude 4.5
and more. There has been massive loss of lives and physical property. So
far, the death casualties have reached 4500 plus and the number of injured
is more than 6,000. This figure may go very high. The rescue and relief
operation are on full-swing mobilizing all possible means and resources.
The humanitarian assistance regarding the rescue operation and relief
package has started coming in from our immediate neighbors and friends all
around the world.

In this catastrophic disaster, The Internet Society Nepal community is
closely working on how we can contribute to the society. We are focusing on
restoring communicational channels and raising funds for the same.

In this regards, people and organizations who want to contribute to the
fund for the support of  #Victims of earthquake in Nepal are requested to
send amounts in the name of Internet Society Nepal bank account maintained
at Bank of Kathmandu Limited, Kamal Pokhari, Kathmandu, Nepal. Internet
Society Nepal will mobilize the fund in coordination with Nepal Police,
Telecom operators and ISPs.

Bank Details:

Below is Beneficiary Account Information

Beneficiary's Name: Internet Society Nepal

Beneficiary's Address: Anamnagar, Kathmandu, Nepal

Beneficiary's Account Number: 010000061584524

Swift Code:  BOKLNPKA

Also, Please email us info at isoc.org.np after fund transfer in ISOC Nepal

Thank you

With Best Regards,
Advocate Babu Ram Aryal
Internet Society Nepal

P.O.B. 15103
House #45 | Mirmire Marga
Kathmandu-32, Anamnagar | Kathmandu | Nepal
Phone: +977-1-4243071 | 4245841
Cell: +977-9851048401

Facebook: www.facebook.com/baburam.aryal
Twitter: @merobabu
Skype: baburam.aryal

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