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APNIC 52 - Start planning your schedule

The program is taking shape with plenty of technical content on
Internet operations from regional and global Internet leaders.


Don't miss the Opening session where Kathleen Moriarty, Chief Technology
Officer, Center for Internet Security, will speak on the role of service
providers transforming security.


APNIC's Geoff Huston will then be joined by Akamai's Jared Mauch and
Verisign's Sean Donelan with a keynote on lessons learned from global


There are more technical sessions, plus two FIRST sessions on security,
an IPv6 deployment session, Lightning Talks, various SIG sessions, and
tutorials to extend your learning. You can also get updates from the
APNIC Secretariat on new products and services.

Registration is open until the last day of the conference

Participation is free for all, however, you must register to access the
Zoom links for the conference and tutorial sessions.


More information about how to participate is available on the
conference website.


NextGen Careers BoF

If you're a student or new to the Internet operations industry, bookmark
this session that focuses on supercharging the early part of your

Three budding Internet leaders, AWS's Munkhbat Tserenchimed, World Wide
Web Foundation's Anju Mangal, and Tektelic's Praneet Kaur will share
their experiences and provide practical, real-world advice on how they:

     - Made the right decisions for their career path
     - Made the most of opportunities when they were presented
     - Created opportunities for themselves


Have your say!

Seven policy proposals are up for discussion at the APNIC 52 Open
Policy Meeting.

     - prop-135: Documentation
     - prop-136: Registration Requirements
     - prop-137: IPv6 assignment for Associate Members
     - prop-138: Restricting AS-ID in ROA
     - prop-139: SOR not required
     - prop-140: Update End-Site Definition
     - prop-141: Change maximum delegation size of IPv4 address from 512
                 (/23) to 768 (/23+/24) addresses


Make sure you're subscribed to the Policy SIG mailing list to share your
opinions on the policy proposals.


Good policy relies on a range of opinions. Everyone can participate. It
doesn't matter how much experience you have — it's a great way to
contribute to the Internet.

SIG Chair and Co-Chair elections and IANA RC election

Nominations are open for Chair and Co-Chair elections for the following:

     - Policy SIG
     - National Internet Registry (NIR) SIG
     - Cooperation SIG
     - Routing Security SIG


Nominations are also open for the election of one candidate to the IANA
Review Committee.


Any individual residing within the Asia Pacific region may be nominated,
except for staff members of any Regional Internet Registry.
Self-nominations are permitted.

The nomination deadline is Monday, 6 September at 17:30 (UTC +10).

More information about the elections, key dates and voting is available
on the conference website.

Thanks to the sponsors

Many thanks to the sponsors of APNIC 52 for their support of the event.



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