[bdNOG] Spreading activity towards regional HQs

Md. Abdul Awal awal.ece at gmail.com
Tue Dec 3 22:40:07 BDT 2013

Yes Nurul Bhai.

Indeed it's a good reflection. However, I guess in those domestic events
bdNOG should ensure in someway the presence of local engineers, research
groups or similar communities. Otherwise, it might happen that participants
are same, location just changed :-)


On Mon, Dec 2, 2013 at 10:53 AM, Nurul Islam Roman <nurul at apnic.net> wrote:

>  Thanks Awal. I share the similar thought.
>  As discussed in our 1st member meeting (
> http://www.bdnog.org/v2/membership/member-meetings/)  we will organise
> following 2 conference every year.
>    1. International conference (May every year): in English, in Dhaka,
>    there will be good number of foreign speakers with local speakers.
>    Including workshop for one week.
>    2. Domestic conference (November every year): In Bangla preferred,
>    English is also possible, outside Dhaka (next one proposed Cox's
>    bazar/Sylhet/Kuakata), 100/120 engineers will stay together for one week
>    doing one day conference, workshop, discussion etc in holiday mode. Also
>    open for Foreign delegates, Motivated by last SANOG in Cox's Bazar. :)
> Regards
>  Roman
>   From: "Md. Abdul Awal" <awal.ece at gmail.com>
> Date: Tuesday, 3 December 2013 3:21 AM
> To: "nog at bdnog.org" <nog at bdnog.org>
> Subject: [bdNOG] Spreading activity towards regional HQs
>   Dear ALL,
>  I believe you'll agree that we're concentrated for most of the network
> related activity, growth, discussion in the capital. bdNOG would be a good
> platform to spread discussions towards the regional HQs. May be it's too
> much optimistic right now, but we can consider planning local events to
> involve regions. At least some discussion can be going on here.
>  BR//Awal
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