[bdNOG] Redistributed static routes of different ADs through EIGRP

Mirza Rakib mmrakib at gmail.com
Mon Dec 23 14:23:51 BDT 2013

Hi Fellow,

I am trying to redistribute static route with different administrative
distance(AD). For example at Route1 I have configure a static route with
default  AD and in another Router2 configured a static route with AD 20. We
want to redistribute the static routes through EIGRP, so that a remote
router learn the two routes with different Ads. However, we found the
default EIGRP static redistributed AD 170.


ip route static


ip route static 20

*At access router I found: *

D EX [170/3072] via, 00:59:48, GigabitEthernet2/0

                          [170/3072] via, 00:59:48,

Please suggest, how can we obtained the redistributed static routes with
different ADs.

Mirza Rakib
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