[bdNOG] Redistributed static routes of different ADs through EIGRP

Ronjue Ahmed ronjue_kuet at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 23 15:02:47 BDT 2013

Hello dear concern 
Please be informed that, EIGRP has the ability to differentiate routes coming from different sources (other routing protocol like ospf, rip, bgp and even static).
EIGRP has two type of routes,
 1. internal route (AD value 90),
 2. External route (AD value 170).
So, when ever we try to redistribute any route into eigrp, eigrp consider it as external route and assign AD vale 170 and advertise it to other eigrp neighbors. As long as you will try to redistribute static route through EIGRP, you will find the AD value 170 for those routes. 

Advertise routes through same protocol having different AD values does not make any sense. Basically one routing protocol one AD value.
For choosing best route that comes from same protocol, the key parameter is metric. 

F.M. Ronjue Ahmed

On Monday, December 23, 2013 2:24 PM, Mirza Rakib <mmrakib at gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Fellow,

I am trying to redistribute static route with
different administrative distance(AD). For example at Route1 I have configure a
static route with default  AD and in
another Router2 configured a static route with AD 20. We want to redistribute
the static routes through EIGRP, so that a remote router learn the two routes
with different Ads. However, we found the default EIGRP static redistributed AD
ip route static  
ip route static 20 
At access router I found: 
D EX [170/3072] via,
00:59:48, GigabitEthernet2/0
                          [170/3072] via, 00:59:48, GigabitEthernet1/0
Please suggest, how can we obtained the redistributed static routes with different ADs.  

Mirza Rakib

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