[bdNOG] IOS problem issue

Nurul Islam Roman nurul at apnic.net
Wed Apr 16 23:35:56 BDT 2014

Hi Saad,

If your requirement is only 4 byte AS number support you do not need IOS 15.
Minimum requirement is ISO 12.4(24)T.

As far as any software concern it is always recommended to comply the
licensing guideline. For IOS 15 or so I do not see any big issue if you do
not apply Cisco IOS feature licensing code unless you are using any advanced
SP feature etc. I believe in your case it will be fine.



From:  Saad Abdullah <saad17621 at gmail.com>
Date:  Wednesday, 16 April 2014 10:57 PM
To:  "nog at bdnog.org" <nog at bdnog.org>
Subject:  [bdNOG] IOS problem issue

Hi bdnog people,

I am work for a company in Bogra and we have cisco router 2901. For BGP
peering configuration we have a 4 byte new AS number and my ISP in Dhaka
saying I need to install a new IOS version 15. I heard from people that new
IOS 15 need software license to register to cisco. Anyone use this version
without registering to cisco? Is there any big problem if I do not register
like IOS 12?

I know if I do not register cisco will not give me support.

Thanks you 



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