[bdNOG] DHCP Lease and Network Problem Help

Mohammad Shahjahan bunty.ctg at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 6 08:59:51 BDT 2015

Dear Brother,
I am facing terrible problem in my network. The problem scenario as below:

Network Description:

1. We are using 64 VLAN segment (/24 * 64 = 16128 ip address's) in 4 different location by internal OSPF routing.
2. Most important part is all of those ip address are provided from one DHCP server and ONE GATEWAY (VLAN GATEWAY)[Provided From Layer 3 CISCO SW].


1. Now the problem is if any user put a manual IP address same as gateway ip address, then a specific VLAN NETWORK create some network problem like(ping latency, ip conflict, vlan down).


1. How can i stop using gateway ip address in client side (computer/laptop/smartphone)?

Please help me with some solution.

Thank you so much in advance.

Engr. Mohammad Shahjahan
Member of Institute of Engineer Bangladesh
Membership Number: M/31195
Chittagong, Bangladesh
Contact Information: +8801752789798
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