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Sun Dec 6 09:41:12 BDT 2015

Dear Mr. Shajahan,

You are talking about human error here. Only proper education and stern actions for intentional errors can fix this issue. Otherwise, you may go for static MAC tables everywhere but that defeats the very cause of Dynamic Networking (DHCP, OSPF etc).

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On 6 Dec 2015 9:00 AM, at 9:00 AM, Mohammad Shahjahan <bunty.ctg at hotmail.com> wrote:
>Dear Brother,
>I am facing terrible problem in my network. The problem scenario as
>Network Description:
>1. We are using 64 VLAN segment (/24 * 64 = 16128 ip address's) in 4
>different location by internal OSPF routing.
>2. Most important part is all of those ip address are provided from one
>DHCP server and ONE GATEWAY (VLAN GATEWAY)[Provided From Layer 3 CISCO
>1. Now the problem is if any user put a manual IP address same as
>gateway ip address, then a specific VLAN NETWORK create some network
>problem like(ping latency, ip conflict, vlan down).
>1. How can i stop using gateway ip address in client side
>Please help me with some solution.
>Thank you so much in advance.
>Engr. Mohammad Shahjahan
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>Chittagong, Bangladesh
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