[bdNOG] Yahoo Mail can't communicate with my domain servers

Brian Candler brian at nsrc.org
Wed Dec 23 23:01:05 BDT 2015

On 23/12/2015 16:44, Jasim Alam wrote:
> I understand this not a proper implementation. But this  setup is 
> running from years, until this week we didn't face any similar problem .

Then you have been lucky.

> Infact another domain of ours having ns boxes in same subnet not 
> facing any similar issue.
> [root at Jasim ~]# host -t ns btraccl.com
> btraccl.com name server ns2.aknetbd.com.
> btraccl.com name server ns1.aknetbd.com.
> [root at Jasim ~]# host ns1.aknetbd.com
> ns1.aknetbd.com has address
> [root at Jasim ~]# host ns2.aknetbd.com
> ns2.aknetbd.com has address
You are also lucky that works. The fact that it works today does not 
mean it will work next week - nor that this is a good or reliable 

RFC 2182 was written by people who really, really know what they are 
talking about. If you ignore their advice, your nameservice is liable to 
break in exactly the way you are experiencing.  Don't say they didn't 
tell you :-)

"3.2. Unsuitable Configurations

    While it is unfortunately quite common, servers for a zone should
    certainly not all be placed on the same LAN segment in the same room
    of the same building - or any of those.  Such a configuration almost
    defeats the requirement, and utility, of having multiple servers."

If DNS is important to your business, isn't it worth paying $5 per month 
for off-site secondary? That would cover an unlimited number of domains.



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