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Subject: [SANOG] APRICOT 2016 Fellowships
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Hi everyone,

Just to let you know that applications for APRICOT 2016 fellowships are
now open.

APRICOT 2016 fellowships provide financial support for individuals from
developing economies to attend the APRICOT conference. Fellows have an
opportunity to meet, network with, and learn from experts in the
industry and return home with new insights to aid them in their
professional development.

If you are from a Least Developing Country (LDC) or Small Island
Developing State in the Asia Pacific region and you are interested a
being awarded a Fellowship to attend APRICOT 2016, please apply here:


Applications will remain open until 30th October.


Philip Smith & Masato Yamanishi
APRICOT 2016 Fellowship Committee Chairs
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