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SANOG 27 :­ Call For Paper

The following is an open call for papers/presentations for the  conference
and tutorial sessions for 25th South Asian Network Operators Group (SANOG)
Meeting being hosted from 25th - 31st January, 2016 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Important dates regarding the Call for Papers:

Call For Paper: 29th October, 2015
Deadline For Proposals: 20th December, 2015
Paper Confirmation: First Round - 25th November, 2015
    Second Round - 26th December, 2015

Please submit Online at: http://www.sanog.org/sanog27/cfp.html

Note: Any marketing, sales and vendor proprietary content in presentation
is against the spirit of theSANOG and it is strictly prohibited.

Conference Presentation: The conference will be comprised of 6 session in
two days, including the plenary. The tracks are for general ideas, and feel
free to propose talks that you think are relevant to the operational and
Internet research community. The topics given below are not exclusive.
Presentations are expected to be 25 minutes long with technical content.

* Network Operations
* Routing in the IP Core, BGP, MPLS, IPv6
* Data Center, Switching Technologies, Virtualization
* Security, IDS, DoS mitigation
* Internet Exchange Point, transit & peering
* Internet of Things
* ccTLDs, gTLDs IDNs
* Any case studies or learning related to operational technologies that you
want to share with the community

Tutorial Proposals: Tutorial proposals are invited in the following general
areas. Please feel free to propose additional ideas and topics. Tutorials
generally are either half or full days.

* Routing in the IP Core, BGP, MPLS, IPv6
* Data Center, Switching Technologies, Virtualization
* Security, IDS, DoS mitigation
* Internet Exchange Point, transit & peering
* Internet of Things
* ccTLDs, gTLDs IDNs

Track 1: Network operations. In this session we invite papers, reports and
presentations from network operators, equipment vendors and academic
institutions conducting network research on operational issues. Possible
topics for this track are:

- Prevention and mitigation of DoS,DDoS
- Routing policies and architecture for scalable IP and broadband networks
- Data Center Management and Operations
- MPLS and QoS implementation experiences
- Traffic management and measurement
- Network migration issues (IPv4 to v6, Layer 2 to IP etc.)

Track 2: Applications and Services. This track will discuss various
services that can be enabled on packet networks. Papers and presentations
are invited from developers, operators, equipment vendors and research
organizations on the following and related topics

- Voice and Multimedia over IP
- Managed network services including Security and VPNs
- Mail servers, Spam prevention and mitigation
- Wireless Technology and Applications
- Data mining for performance enhancements/abuse control/QoS

Track 3: Peering and IXP. This is to cater to the growing demand on the
newly established Internet Exchange Points in the region. As local ISPs are
going international, we would like to invite both regional and
international experts to share their ideas and experience on these topics.

- Internet Exchange Points Operations
- Peering Techniques and Policies
- BGP Multihoming Techniques

Track 4: Regional updates. This track is fairly broad, and will include
updates from ISPs, regional Internet exchanges, APNIC, routing table
updates and such information that would be useful to the SANOG community.
You are also welcome to submit proposals for BoFs, tutorials and other

Please submit Online at - http://www.sanog.org/sanog27/cfp.html
We are looking forward to see you at SANOG 27 at Kathmandu, Nepal.

Thanks and warm regards,

Santanu, Aftab and Champika
Program Committee Co-Chairs - SANOG
On behalf of SANOG Programme Committee

Best Wishes,

Aftab A. Siddiqui

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