[bdNOG] Incoming Email Problem from Office 365 Distribution Group

Debabrata Chakrovorty bjshuvro at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 00:12:27 BDT 2016

Hello Everyone!!!

Recently I'm facing an issue regarding receiving emails which I thought to
share with you.
My problem is to receive emails from office 365 online protection server to
cPanel based MX server. This issue arises when sender from outlook
protection server, sends email to about 10/12 recipients of same domain.
But if he sends email to only 2/3 users, then it delivers without any issue.

Sender generally gets this kind of bounce error:

Error Details

Reported error:  *550 4.4.7 QUEUE.Expired; message expired*

Permanent error:         *2/19/2016 6:48:13 AM - Server
at HK2PR03MB1666.apcprd03.prod.outlook.com
<http://hk2pr03mb1666.apcprd03.prod.outlook.com/>returned '550 4.4.7
QUEUE.Expired; message expired'*

But there is no log in MX server. I've got absolutely no reason for this.
Sender outlook online protection servers IP is whitelisted in MX already,
but still the issue is same.
There was neither any network interruption nor the mx server was busy. I've
checked it for two MX servers of different region.

I've searched to some forums. Most of them suggested to enable
"Greylisting" in cPanel and then white list the sender domain to get rid of
this issue.

Could you guys share your views regarding this.....


*Debabrata Chakrovorty (Shuvro)*

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