[bdNOG] SANOG 32 / BDNOG 9

Philip Smith philip at nsrc.org
Sun Aug 5 10:59:10 BDT 2018

Hello everyone,

SANOG 32 / BDNOG 9 is currently under way in Dhaka, with the three
workshops in their 4th day.

The tutorial programme starts on Tuesday 7th, and the plenary conference
starts on Thursday 9th.

The full programme has been published on the SANOG website:


For those who are participating in SANOG 32, the PC are still on the
look out for Lightning Talks to be presented towards the end of the
conference on the 10th. If you are coming to SANOG 32, then please
consider proposing a Lightning Talk:


If you'd like to know what Lightning Talks are about, I've included a
brief description at the end of this email.

Best wishes,

Philip, Aftab and Simon

Lightning talks are short talks/presentations on relevant topics that
last no more than 10 minutes, including walking to the podium and Q&A.
This time limit is strictly enforced.  Lightning talks are open to all
registered SANOG 32 attendees, and the call for submissions is now open.

Talks on topics that are timely, interesting, or even a little crazy,
are invited.  The SANOG 32 Programme Committee will evaluate all
submissions and choose the best nine.  Talks must be relevant to the
Internet Operations community, as per the SANOG Presentation Guidelines.

If you've thought about presenting at a future SANOG, a lightning talk
this year is a great place to start!

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