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Sumon Ahmed Sabir sumon at fiberathome.net
Mon Aug 6 15:34:57 BDT 2018

Dear BDNOG/BDIX Members,

Following mail from ICANN CTO on DNSSEC "key signing" process. This is for
your attention and support. Champika from ICANN is here in Dhaka for

You can directly contact him, if you have any query.

best regards,


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Dear IXP Administrator,

The ICANN organization is requesting your help in a very important matter
that could affect some of the operators that connect to your Internet

ICANN is undertaking a project to update the Internet's root zone DNSSEC
“key signing” key or KSK. The process, known as the KSK rollover, is
described here:  https://www.icann.org/kskroll.  This project may have an
operational impact on DNS resolution services if DNSSEC is deployed and
offered by your members/customers.

The process to update the root zone’s KSK has been ongoing since 2015. Last
year, ICANN paused this rollover project due to indications that some
operators may not have been prepared for the change in keys despite the
fact that we have presented to numerous network fora for several years,
sought global trade press coverage and written to various government
agencies. Even today, there is data suggesting that some operators will
encounter trouble when the KSK is changed.  The data is available at

As part of an ongoing campaign to increase awareness of the KSK rollover
and reach the resolver operators that are causing the announcements that
suggest their resolvers are unprepared for the KSK rollover, we are now
seeking your help. Despite our previous outreach, we need to make even
greater efforts to reach operators of DNS servers, many of which are ISPs.

Specifically, the goal of our outreach is to call the attention of network
operators to the information on this page:


We would appreciate your assistance and/or advice on contacting network
operators that are connecting through your IXP.  We are willing to
participate in any customer focused communications, supplying materials,
media outreach or any other forms of communication deemed appropriate for
an IXP and are willing to sign non-disclosure agreements should that be

Thank you for your assistance in this important matter.


David Conrad

ICANN Chief Technology Officer

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