[bdNOG-EC] bdNOG3 preparation meeting

Nurul Islam Roman nurul at apnic.net
Tue Jan 13 12:14:39 BDT 2015

FYI note taken in our last meeting (January 11 at 12PM)


1.  bdNOG3 Conference Venue Selection

Selected venue: Hotel Lakeshore

Action items: Get a final quote and lock May 18 date for full day. 9AM to

Assigned: Pappu & Simon

Requirement: Attached

2.  Workshop venue selection

       Selected venue: BRAC Centre Inn

Action items: Get an official quote (in Written) and pay advance for May

Assigned: Pappu & Simon

Requirement: Attached before.


3.  PC Nomination

Proposed PC:

Sabbir Bhai (DU)

Zehad  Bhai (BDCOM)

Moin (One Asia)

Fakrul (bdHUB)

Simon (Fiber at Home)

Faisal Mobarrak (Ollo)

Tito (Link3)

Faisal Bhai (DU) (Roman added later)

PC Logistic Support (Roman Added later): Sumon Bhai, Roman, Jahangir, Biddut

Action item: 1. Get consent from the nominated individual.

2. Finalise the PC list at the next meeting and publish at bdNOG3 URL

3. Setup CfP System &send CfP announcement after SANOG25.

Assigned: Please seek consent from individual nominated by respective EC


Task 3: Potential ION Conferences by ISOC. Contact ISOC responsible team and
bring some feedback during next EC meeting.

Assigned: Jahangir

Status: Posponded till bdNOG4 or bdNOG5.

4.  Workshop track instructors

Task 1: Potential Workshop track:

Advance Routing (BGP/OSPF/IS-IS)- APNIC

Network Security- bdNOG/ICANN/APNIC

Linux Sys Admin & Network Management- NSRC

Need to finalise lead instructors and supporting instructor for each track.

Assigned: bdNOG3 PC

Status: Will be discussed at the PC meeting when it is finalised.

5.  Registration fees

Registration Type:

Full Event (Conference, Tutorial & Workshop)


Tutorial: Track1/Track2/Track3

Workshop: Advance BGP Routing/Network Security/Linux Sys Admin & Network

Registration fee:

Standard: BDTK 12,000/=

ISOC/bdNOG Member: BDTK 8,000/=   (Promo code: BNG3-FULL)

APNIC Member: BDTK 8,000/= (Online membership account validation)

Conference Only

Registration fee:

Standard: BDTK 2,000/=

ISOC/bdNOG Member: Free=   (Promo code: BNG3-CONF)

APNIC Member: Free/= (Subject to social dinner sponsorship)


Task2: Registration system setup & test by end of January.

Assigned: Will be reviewed at the next EC meeting

6.  Budget Discussion

Task1: Pappu prepared a draft budget for around 20lac. EC has discussed on
the budget items. Need further discussion on next EC meeting.

Assign: Pappu 


7.  bdNOG3 Program structure

Discussion: Four Session during day (9.30-5.30). Opening plenary & Keynote:
Evening (6PM-8PM)

Task1: PC will finalise session name and speakers.

Assign: bdNOG3 PC 


8.  Local sponsorship solicitation

Discussion: Need to send invoice to all existing sponsors with 10% discount
on the standard investment cost.

Assigned Existing sponsor:

bdHUB (Pappu), Invoice ready to go.

Fiber at Home (Simon), Invoice ready to go.

ISOC (Jahangir), 

APNIC (Roman)

ICANN (Roman)

9. Travel Support Criteria:

Following selection criteria has been proposed and under continuous
evaluation process in EC Meeting.

Travel Support Criteria

1. For Overseas Event: A citizen and current residence of Bangladesh.

2. For Domestic Event: A citizen of Bangladesh and bdNOG organised event.

3. Previously speak/train at any bdNOG event.

4. Conference/Tutorial/Workshop papers has been accepted and published at
the targeted event.

5. Travel support request from associated organisation is asked but not

6. Fellowship application (If available) for the targeted event was
submitted but not provided.

7. Willing to represent bdNOG at the targeted event.

8. Acknowledge bdNOG logo on presentation/publication.

9. Priority will be given to people not service in bdNOG EC or Trustee

10. Need to send a small report after the event.

11. Support will be limited to once a year to an individual.

EC Decision Guideline:

1. bdNOG should not cover more then 80% and less then 20% of the main travel
cost (Air ticket+Accommodation). In any case. Full stop.

2. bdNOG will exclude all applicant if official fellowship is offered by any
funding source. Full stop.

3. bdNOG will exclude all applicant if travel support is provided by
employing organisation. Full stop.

4. All other partly funding support (including unofficial accommodation
offered by host) + bdNOG travel support should not exceed 80% in total. If
it increase we should reduce our support to bring it down to 80%

5. Applicant need to declare his main travel cost before we take decision.
And EC should work on trust on mouth. If EC find any breach later. Will
black list the applicant.

6. All travel support application need to be nominated by an existing or
past  EC or Trustee member. Decision will be taken by majority support on
the EC meeting.  


10.  Next EC meeting:

Need to discuss on EC mailing list for a suitable time.


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