[bdNOG] Automatic update of Next Hops in Routing Policies for Internet bound traffic in interior routers.

Fakrul Alam fakrul at bdhub.com
Thu Nov 21 19:07:48 BDT 2013

Dear Aniruddha Da,

For this sorts of solution, to my opinion PBR is the only option. But in
transit we usually have full BGP route (IPv4/IPv6) and use the BGP best
route. Some time we do traffic engineering based on destination prefix/asn.


Fakrul Alam
bdHUB Limited

On 11/21/13, 6:47 PM, Aniruddha Barua wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Please view this email in plain text with mono-spaced fonts because it has a text based diagram.
> Please take a look at it. Generally, Policy Routing is done in Distribution Routers (DR) to send
> Internet bound traffic from a specific prefix to appropriate Border Router (BR) so that upward and
> downward traffic uses the same upstream SP. When prefixes are moved from one BR to another BR due to
> business requirements, Network Admin needs to manually update Next Hop information in Policy Routing
> configurations in all DRs. If the number of prefixes and/or the number of DRs increases, this
> becomes cumbersome. Is there any way (vendor specific and/or vendor independent) to automate these
> updates?
>\       <OSPF>
>          |
>                                   |   ---(BR1)->  <eBGP Adv. to upstream A>
>\          |  /
>[SW]----(BR2)->  <eBGP Adv. to upstream B>
>          |  \
>                                   |   ---(BR3)->  <eBGP Adv. to upstream C>
>\          |
> (DR)=Distribution Router, (BR)=Border Router, [SW]=Switch.
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