[bdNOG] BIG FAT Pipe with INDIA - or - GOOD Transit Providers - or - Something else

Nurul Islam Roman nurul at apnic.net
Sat Nov 23 06:29:41 BDT 2013

What is something else :).

Is it more peering? Does it worth peering with IPLC?  Or should we
advocate more local peering and bring global cache locally?  I have got
positive comments in BD though regarding peering with IPLC (specially end
user experience) and also price perspective. What is the community thought
on this? BIG FAT vs Good quality? Thanks Simon for bringing this. :)



On 23/11/13 4:52 AM, "Fakrul Alam" <fakrul at bdhub.com> wrote:

>This been tricky. There are two aspects; financial & technical.
>Technically it's been great to have big names like PCCW, HGC, HKIX,
>Telstra, NTT, AT&T; but you need to find out whether it's been feasible
>financially when:
>1. You have 30++ IIG in the market.
>2. BSCCL half circuit price is roughly 80% of your total b/w cost for
>3. 10% revenue share with BTRC.
>4. Competitive market where price win in all aspect.
>5. ITC holding IIG license (I know there will be lot of arguments)
>On 11/22/13, 9:17 PM, Simon Sohel Baroi / IIG-ITC / Sr.Manager /
>01678618243 / wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> I think so many topic is going on. I want to add another one. This is
>> really important as all of us want to have a good internet in
>> Before the ITC Connectivity comes to Bangladesh. We found MANGO and BTCL
>> connected with different Tire-1 IP Transit Providers.
>> But the number were limited to TIS, Bharti, Singtel, TM. As the price
>> really high, then people couldn't tell anything about the transit
>> I found MANGO sometimes added some new name in their list. But BTCL
>> as expected. Now the new player, BSCCL is connected only with TIS.
>> When ITC comes, the scenario become worst. The internet cost reduced 82%
>> and all of us get connected with TATA and Bharti.
>> As the big borthers wont allow the ITC provider to go with IPLC and go
>> other providers. The price is binded with their IP Transit. Some kind of
>> IPLC kinle IPTransit FREE.
>> All of us Bharti and TATA - with big big pipe. When a client ping from
>> laptop, they have to pass atleast one of them.
>> *Don't you think, we are missing some good things ? ( Big names like
>> HGC, HKIX, Telstra, NTT, AT&T etc ) *
>> *Don't you think, we are giving client a very bad internet experience ?*
>> *OR*
>> *Getting Google within 70ms is more than enough for the client.*
>> What do you think - BIG FAT Pipe with INDIA  - or -  GOOD Transit
>> - or - Something else. ?
>> - with regards
>> *( Apu da and Amin vai, please don't get me wrong as I have used MANGO's
>> name without your permission )*
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